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Nurture Your Skin, Embrace Natural Bliss

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Angela Makunia is the founder and owner of Bliss Skin Care, a facial studio located in the charming town of Dover, NH.

In 2021, Angela embarked on her journey towards achieving beautiful and healthy skin, driven by an immense passion for skincare and a deep commitment to a holistic approach. This pursuit was fueled by her interest in the profound interplay between our inner well-being and outer appearance, as she discovered the significant impact that our inner selves have on our outer beauty.

She delved into the study of facial muscles, gaining a deep understanding of how our daily lives, emotions, and feelings influence our outer appearance. Her education led her to the transformative technique of Sculptural Face Lifting by Yakov Gershkovich. This holistic approach not only provides a natural facelift and radiant skin but also addresses emotional well-being.

With her expert skills and empathetic touch, Angela helps clients unveil their inner beauty. Her mission is clear: true beauty is a harmony between our outer appearance and inner selves. Through Sculptural Face Lifting, she redefines skincare, illuminating a glow that resonates from within.

Her techniques enhance skin elasticity, improve skin tone, and smooth out wrinkles. By harnessing the body's regenerative abilities, Angela's treatments restore a youthful glow, allowing her clients to embrace their natural beauty with confidence.

Unlock the transformative power of natural rejuvenation with Angela as your skincare expert. Allow her to guide you on a path of self-renewal, where your inner radiance shines through, leaving you feeling revitalized, confident, and ready to face the world with a renewed sense of beauty.



  • The unique technique of natural rejuvenation

    1 hr 15 min

    180 US dollars
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